Kitchen Ideas – Functional Space-Saving

When you want to bring off some bright new ideas for your kitchen, it need not be expensive or whimsical or perhaps only to add redundant things to an already-functional part of your house. Kitchen ideas are simply new innovations to spruce the whole place and brighten it up, maybe giving it a new look.

These random ideas are from some home experts who know how better things can be good for your kitchen, including adding new functional innovations that you may not have thought of before. Maybe, the ideas themselves can trigger some creative juices out of you and bring it out to the fore.

Some of these ideas are really functional and can help ease up your tasks in side your kitchen. Some are decorative, too, and bring some pizzazz to the room considered by many as the most important one in your household.


You may not like the way your pots and pans are taking up valuable space in your kitchen. A professional organizer simply use command hooks to hang her pots and pans on an unused wall.

Start hanging the biggest one first, follow them up with the medium-sized ones and finish off with the smallest items. You have just saved space and your pots and pans look great arranged neatly according to size.

Cutting board

If your cabinet is now full and cramped to hold in all the kitchen gears you have, why not use the cute things as décor? One example is using your chunky cutting boards or brings colanders as artwork?

A row of matching mixing bowls stuck above cabinets looks intentional, not messy.

Drop leaf table

If your space is limited for a large table, why not consider a foldable choice? The table’s leaves can flip up so everyone has a space come dinner time.  The functional part is that the table can be tucked out of the way when not in use.

Likewise, the center of the table can be an extra space for use as a prep space all the time.

Take over an empty wall

Open shelving can offer a ton of flexible storage, but requires a full commitment for it to look stylish. A wall dedicated to shelves looks like a purposeful design statement, but a lowly cart just looks like clutter.

If you can’t part with your kitchen cart just hang shelves above it to make the piece feel like a permanent fixture in your kitchen. These black shelves offer more than enough space for your full spice collection.

Bench storage

Benches are usually for breakfast because they take up less space than chairs. However, you can use them for storage hidden underneath the seat cushions for less-frequently-used items, like holiday tablecloths.

In another context, open space, like the edge of a counter, window sill or kitchen pass-through can also work as an extra eating space with a board and a few benches.

Open space, like the edge of a counter, windowsill or kitchen pass-through, magically morphs into extra eating space with a board and a few benches. There are many kitchen ideas around but the best ones are those that expand space.

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